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Will Europe Open for American Tourists this Passover?

Nota sobre Will Europe Open for American Tourists this Passover?

It is still hard to believe that in 2021 and 2022 we are having to check and see what countries are allowing visitors so we can plan Passover vacations. Still, the pandemic has left many countries allowing limited access to travelers so checking to see what places are open is the smartest thing.

Americans who want to travel to Europe for Pesach in 2022 should actually do a month by month check to see what locations are going to be open. It is also highly recommended that anyone who plans a Pesach trip for 2022 buys travel insurance that will reimburse them if they have to cancel their plans do to Covid-19 or any other reason.

Countries that will not allow United States Citizens to Visit at this time

There are four countries that presently have a ban on American travelers entering their borders. One reason we recommend that travelers check each month to see which countries are open and which are closed is because in September there were only two countries with bans on American travelers. It is now October and the number of countries with bans has doubled.

The four countries who currently have closed borders to American travelers are:

  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Bulgaria
  • Luxembourg

Countries who will not allow UNVACCINATED American Travelers to Visit

There are some countries that are not banning all American tourists, but they are not allowing any American tourist who cannot prove they have been FULLY vaccinated to enter. This practice is going to reduce a lot of cross-contamination between citizens and travelers.

There are currently 16 countries who are NOT allowing unvaccinated Americans to visit. In September there were 2 countries with this particular travel mandate, but the rising number of people with the Delta variant and other variants of the Covid-19 are causing governments to take a harder stand about who can visit and who cannot.

The 16 countries who only allow fully vaccinated Americans to enter are:

  1. Belgium
  2. Switzerland
  3. Spain
  4. Germany
  5. Malta
  6. Denmark
  7. Estonia
  8. Finland
  9. France
  10. Latvia
  11. Slovenia
  12. The Netherlands
  13. Croatia
  14. Cyprus
  15. Greece
  16. Hungary

Countries with No Travel Restrictions on American Travelers

There are some countries who still have open borders for American travelers even if the traveler has not been vaccinated for the Covid-19. We must say that many of the countries who will allow Americans to visit even without proof of vaccination have quarantine restrictions that make you quarantine in your hotel room for up to 14 days before you are allowed to travel around the country.

If your vacation is less than three weeks then going to those countries will be a waste of your time and money because all you would be allowed to see is the hotel room.

The current countries who have no restrictions other than a possible quarantine are:

  1. Iceland
  2. Romania
  3. Poland
  4. Lithuania
  5. Italy
  6. England
  7. Ireland
  8. Austria
  9. Slovakia
  10. The Czech Republic
  11. Bulgaria
  12. Portugal


Countries Requiring Travel Insurance

There are a lot of countries who also require travelers to have covid coverage on their travel insurance before they can enter their country. Some countries also require a traveler to have medical coverage on their travel insurance before they can enter the country.

This is a new thing because in the years before the pandemic almost no countries required a visitor to have travel insurance. Travel insurance was a personal choice item that protected the traveler in the event of an emergency, a cancellation, or an accident. Today with the addition of covid coverage the travel insurance protects both the countries you visit and it protects you.

Be sure to ask your insurance agent if your policy covers medical costs and covid related costs. The two items are completely separate so just because you have covid coverage does not mean that you have medical coverage.

Testing Upon Arrival

Even countries who are not banning American travelers from their country may be testing American travelers when they arrive. Mandatory Covid-19 tests upon arrival are required in many countries now even for people who can prove they are fully vaccinated.

Full vaccination does not mean you cannot have the virus or spread the virus to others. Most of the countries that require testing do not make visitors quarantine if they are negative for covid when they are tested.

Final Thought

Travel is not back to what it was before 2019. To be on the safe side you need to keep a check on the places you wish to travel to and be sure there are no restrictions banning you from coming.

The best thing to do is book your Passover program and buy travel insurance that will refund all of your money if for some reason the country stops accepting visitors and your trip is cancelled.