El Programa de los 177 Pueblos Mágicos de Mexico, desarrollado por la Secretaría de Turismo en colaboración con diversas instancias gubernamentales y gobiernos estatales y municipales, contribuye a revalorar a un conjunto de poblaciones del país que siempre han estado en el imaginario colectivo de la nación en su conjunto y que representan alternativas frescas y diferentes para los visitantes nacionales y extranjeros. Más que un rescate, es un reconocimiento a quienes habitan esos hermosos lugares de la geografía mexicana y han sabido guardar para todos, la riqueza cultural e histórica que encierran.

I found a Glamping in Tulum

Nota sobre I found a Glamping in Tulum

I must say I'm not that much into camping. Actually, I hate it — mosquitos, fires, tents, etc. I don't know why people find it fun. Well, I didn't, until I found Delek Tulum. A Glamcamping in Mexico. I know that you might never have heard of this before. So, in brief, a Glamcamping is the word created after Glamourous Camping. In English, it means that a camp meets a brand-new level of comfort and lux.

Delek Tulum is a great exponent of this. As it has several cabins in front of the ocean, the experience is fantastic. Imagine waking up every morning to watch the sun rising from the middle of the Caribbean Sea, or tasting the most delicious Mexican dishes at the restaurant, Tatewari. There's no doubt that this is a great place to stay in Tulum.

You may be wondering why are these Cabins in Tulum so special.

Well, I'm glad you ask.

First of all, these cabins are gorgeous. They have everything you may wish for in a 5-stars hotel but in a more private and cozy place. Also, as most of them have ocean-view, staying in Delek becomes a magical experience. Finally, they are so close to the town that you can have the best of both worlds, the beach and the cosmopolite culture Tulum has.

I must say that I have nothing to regret. My vacation in Tulum was perfect. I got relaxed, enjoyed the beach, and tasted delicious food. What else could I ask for?

Oh, I almost forget it. Delek also helps me to realize that I didn't hate campings. I haven't just found the right one for me. Now I did it; I'm counting the days down to return and live the whole story again. I'm undoubtedly in love with Tulum.

If I were asked for giving advice, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Delek. So if you are soon to get into Tulum and still don't have where to stay, check it out these cabins in Tulum.  I give my word. You won't regret it.